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What is gradient compression hosiery?
Medical gradient compression hosiery is designed to improve
flow in the veins and lymphatic system. The hosiery delivers a
controlled amount of pressure – greatest at the ankle and
gradually decreasing toward the top of the garment. The
gradient pressure promotes better blood flow in the leg veins
and therefore helps control leg swelling, varicose veins, leg
fatigue and other leg conditions.
When should I consider gradient compression
You may benefit from wearing gradient compression hosiery if
you have or experience any of the following:
Tired, aching legs
Swollen feet, ankles and legs
Prolonged standing or sitting
Varicose veins
Pregnant mothers
Family history of venous leg disorders
You don’t need to have a specific condition to benefit from
gradient compression hosiery. However, it is important to
consult a health care provider before wearing compression
How do I get fitted for gradient compression
Once it has been determined you are a candidate for
compression therapy, you will be fitted to the proper style, size
and compression level to suit your needs.
At Fundy Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, we distribute
Therafirm® Therapeutic Gradient Compression Hosiery.
Therafirm® products are very comfortable for all-day wear.
The products include knee-high stockings, trouser socks and
Will my private health insurance cover the cost
of gradient compression hosiery?”
Most private health plans will cover the cost of gradient
compression hosiery when it is distributed by a certified
gradient compression hosiery fitter. It is recommended to
check with your private insurance carrier regarding
requirements for coverage.
Dr. Noseworthy and Dr. Kruszewski are both certified in
gradient compression hosiery fitting and would be pleased to
assist you with selecting the product that is right for you.